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Executive Office

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

If you want to maintain a professional business presence
with an affordable budget, this package is perfect for you!
You can enjoy our prestigious business addresses,
personalized telephone answering services and the use of
conference rooms and/or executive offices when you need
one. We are dedicated to customizing a package that
works perfectly for you and your business.

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The Virtual Office Package includes:

 Webmail *New Feature*

Distance is no longer a barrier in business, but it creates countless of opportunities for development. Award Business Centres are dedicated to provide the most updated technology for our clients. Because of this commitment, the latest communication tool - Web Mail is made available to all Award Businsess Centres' clients. The webmail functions as internet fax, which allows you to send and receive fax through the internet with your electronic copies. You can have access to your faxes and voicemails anywhere and anytime around the world!